What's happening now

I have not been to Gimswood much, with time constraints and the weather and all. The grass is growing and Matt cut the rides so access could be easier. But we dare not leave the car anywhere other than the hardstanding at the entrance because ruts will be made and the car could even get stuck. On one occasion when we drove round and it was apparently dry, the car did get stuck up by Fish Pond where the ride can be wet but not appear to be. What a mistake! We had to push the car out � not funny. Now that it is even wetter, it�s just not worth the risk. Where is all this rain coming from?

The autumn colours lasted quite well even though there were strong winds occasionally, but now as I write, the trees are in winter mode. The wood has done its growing for the summer and will quietly sleep until the sap rises again next spring. The ponds are healthily full. The wildflowers are dormant until the first snowdrops peep through in about February: a promise of good weather to come.

There is work to be done over winter, but it is neither urgent nor imperative. This just as well because I am now unable to take part for a few months due to ill health. Gimswood can care for itself for a while and we can return in due course in spring. I look forward to snowdrops, daffodils, primroses, cowslips, and I wish the fritillaries would actually grow after I have planted so many!