Two events in September 2007

We had fantastic weather for the Gimswood barbecue in mid September, held to thank the volunteer tree planters for their hard work in previous winters. Many commented how well the trees had grown, especially since the youngest were not yet three years old. Also attending was Jasmine who had not even been born at the time of tree planting, so she was even younger than the trees. And, even younger again, was the child due to be born in a couple of months. What a gathering of Life in Gimswood that day!

It was a gentle, lazy, very happy day in the sun. People arrived over a couple of hours, had a drink then sampled different barbecued food. Amazingly the food did not burn, just a small patch of grass which the children quenched with bottles of water.

Then there was time to try out Heather’s Gimswood quiz. The questions were difficult but there were books to borrow to help find the answers. Only two quiz papers were returned on the day. “RR” gained 60 points. “Shona, Mary, Louise” 76 points. By the way, I allowed Viburnum as an answer because that is the Latin name for Guelder Rose. In the Gallery are pictures of the 10 trees and shrubs to identify; also a picture of Nellie and The Bothy. The full quiz and answers are also here on the website.

A musical interlude then started. There were African drums, a fiddle and a pipe. Shakers and rattles were handed out so most people could take part. Even little Jasmine bounced in time to the music. Somehow some spontaneous dancing happened which almost turned into a ceilidh. It started with Scottish dancing, then African. What a mix of cultures among the trees!

Cath took lots of photos. A selection can be found in the Gallery, but if you want a CD of the full collection of 87 just ask. And Mike has sent his video of the day, so that too comes on the CD. Or of course you could just borrow and return?

The following weekend was just as sunny but a little cooler. An African drumming workshop took place with a variety of skills from the total beginner to the highly experienced. All had great fun trying out different rhythms and integrating some singing and dancing. Again, there was great food which everyone had brought to share.

Finally after dark the gathering round the fire played to the stars. The wind had dropped and all was still among the trees as if Nature had stopped to listen. Then there was reluctance to break up the group to go home, tired, stretched and very happy.