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On New Year's day 2015, Gill died as a result of complications arising from a long term battle with leukaemia. -More-

Development and maintenance of Gimswood will continue.

There are few that can claim to have left their mark on the world; Gill gave us Gimswood.

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Before 2005
The Pond in the Big Field
Now (Autumn 2014)
Gimswood Autumn 2014

Gimswood was originally agricultural land but has now been planted up as new woodland in the Midlands. It comprises 11.5 hectares of trees and shrubs and also 4 hectares of traditional flower meadow.

In the first winter, December 2002, a 2.5 hectare field that had been full of oats was planted up with 3,574 trees and shrubs. In the Gallery you can see pictures of the planting day.

The second field was planted in December 2003.  The third and final Big Field is now completed in December 2004. And again wonderful volunteers turned up to help. The photos of these Planting Weekends can been seen in the Gallery also.

The traditional flower meadow is being managed as hay meadow and sheep grazing.

  The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit
 - Nelson Henderson