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On New Year's day 2015, Gill died as a result of complications arising from a long term battle with leukaemia.
The following appeared in the Rugby Advertiser, wrtten by Tracy Pewsey

Goodbye, Gill

Last Saturday was another cold, bright day, a perfect day, if you could say that, for the funeral of Gill Bullen.
The church was overflowing with her family and many, many friends as the sea grass coffin was borne in on the shoulders of her cousins, among others. After opening prayers from Rev. Jane Close and the hymn of Psalm 23, so pertinent to Gill, Rev. Evelyn Kay, a close friend, read a poem that beautifully portrayed Gill's spiritual beliefs.

Preceded by some haunting organ music, Grieg's 'In my Native Country', cousins Peter, Sue and Anthony Lawrence read the eulogy composed by husband Matt. Peter began by outlining Gill's early life, her birth in Bognor Regis and her love of nature, the South Downs and animals. She was an only child but was close to her cousins in the UK, and kept friendships with other cousins in Argentina and USA. Gill trained as a nurse and found a young man called Matt in 1969. By 1973 they were married and living in Luton where Gill adapted warmly to her role as a wife and mother to two daughters, Heather and Claire. Matt was promoted to a new role in Coventry in 1982 and so it was that Gill, lost when house hunting, came across The Old Vicarage that was for sale.

Matt and Gill welcomed the friendliness of Grandborough, not least the support villagers gave over the last two years. Sue explained that Gill did not rest on her laurels but involved herself in all sorts of things as diverse as vegetable gardening, WI, bereavement counselling, pottery, drumming, local history, scuba diving, civil defence work and learning Spanish to speak to her father in his first language. She represented voluntary carers when she met the Queen, and found spiritual focusing that crystallised her own beliefs. It was through this that she met Rev. Evelyn Kay.

But remembering her carefree childhood compelled her last, lasting legacy. Some 40 acres just outside the village were turned into 'Gimswood', created by planting 15,000 trees, many by friends over 3 years.
As the diagnosis of leukaemia was revealed, Anthony went on, Gill's second granddaughter was born. Determined to see her and her little sister grow up, Gill made the decision to fight to have a bone marrow transplant. Although technically too old, she was very fit and was accepted, was doing well until pneumonia overwhelmed her.
'Gim' has departed but has certainly left her mark.

After a beautiful rendition of 'Pie Jesu' and more prayers, Matt gave a short reading from the philosopher Winnie-the-Pooh who was speaking to Piglet, cue cuddly toys, ending with 'Even if we are apart, I will always be with you'. The funeral finished with the Grandborough Choir singing a favourite of Gill's.
Always different, Gill's coffin was loaded onto her old Land Rover and driven by Matt to Gimswood. Her drumming friends drummed her favourite 'Acuna' as people congregated. Rev. Evelyn read a few words written by Gill, Matt read a poem by David Harkin 'You can shed tears that she is gone' and the coffin was lowered to the sound of a drummed heartbeat that slowly diminished.
Gill was buried wearing a pendant with details of her life and stewardship of the wood on it as well as a time capsule full of documents but there will be no headstone by her wish.
The final act was for the family and others to cast a carnation onto her coffin and throw wild flower seeds around the wood. In the village hall the WI had done their friend and fellow member proud.

Goodbye Gill - we will see you in the wild flowers and hear you in the wind rustling the trees.

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